Tony and Estelles' Inaugural flight


News of Members

Contacts with Other Ex. brats

Halton Buckler PBH1


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George Harvey RIP


Elaine Tuckman RIP

Libby Armiger RIP

Dave Lincoln

Judith O'Shea

Mayor Bob Hutchinson


2009 50th Anniversary (Graduation) Planning


Jon Philipson RIP

Bush Fires in Australia

Timkatec Schools in Haiti


Mike Tuckman RIP

Peter Swaminathan receives the Pingat Jasa Malay Medal

Triennial 2010 Music


John Morris RIP

Dave Lincoln

Tony Gassner

Ivor John

Paul Breacker


Norman (Spike) Armiger RIP

John (Terry) Davidson RIP

Mike & Gwyneth Frost

Ken Butcher

Diamond Jubilee Pageant  on River Thames

Tony Gassner

RAFHAAA 2013 Triennial


Website (Latest Updates)

2013  Entry Reunion & RAFHAA Triennial Plans

Richard McCarthy RIP

News of Members (Latest Updates)

A nice day at the seaside in August

Tony Gassner Update - August & September

Mike Cusack RIP

Duncan McLaren RIP

Pat O'Shea Update - September


RAF Thor Missile Force in the 1960's

2014 Entry Reunion Planning


Planning for 2015 and 2016 Reunions

John Fenwick RIP

Pat O'Shea update from US

Frank Vickerman RIP

Halton Ode

Service Slang and it's Origins

Halton Awards - Airfield Squadron Trophy


Farnborough 1954

Another Day Out in Worthing

Wings & Wheels (incl. Lancasters)

Tower of London Poppies


Latest update for 2015 Reunion in Portsmouth

Churchill's State Funeral  remembered 50 years on

Permission for 83rd Entry RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices to wear WHITE GLOVES on Graduation parade.

Restored Battle of Britain Class Loco 'Winston Churchill'

The Halton Spirit

Hugh Trenchard - Metropolitan Police Commissioner

A Lunch at the Jolly Drover in Liss, Hampshire


Mike Frost RIP

Ray Webb RIP

Colin Townsend RIP

Robert 'Flash' Cannon RIP

Iain Hush RIP

Johnny Morris RIP

The Last Post

RAFHAA Initiative to mark Lord Trenchard's Legacy

The Closure of RAF Halton

Entry Lunches - Southern Branch

Tea for Two courtesy of the 83rd Entry

Ivor's Me109 Article

Pat O'Shea's Apprentice Booklet - A little bit of history

New Members Found

Singapore to Halton by Dave Taylor

Update from Fred Finlay

Tony Pickering - Battle of Britain Ace

RAF Tradesman Ranks - Form and Function

Planning progress for 2016 Reunion at Henton


Bob Hutchinson RIP

Hugh Young RIP

Irene Wray RIP

Mick Merritt RIP

Colin Lines RIP

83rd (Midlands) Group Dinner

RAF Halton Closure in 2020

Ensuring there is an 83rd Entry Legacy

Reunion 2017 Latest Information

Spitfire LF XVIe - TE476 by Ivor John

Brian Fairclough visit to the Taj Mahal

The RAF Cranwell Tiger Moth by Ivor John

Entry Lunches - Southern Branch

John's Mustang Flight

The RAF Thor IRBM Missile Program

The RAF Halton Aircraft Aprentice Scheme by Min Larkin

Planning for the 2017 Reunion


Planning for the 2018 Reunion - Latest Update

Maurice Raven RIP

John Dainty RIP

Colin Lines Memorial Service

Staying in Touch

83rd (Southern) Group Xmas Lunch

Schools Books c 1958

Planning for the 2018 Reunion

John Burt RIP

Dave Lincoln RIP

Peter Starkey-Smith RIP




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