Initial Training Flights

1 Wing ITF c1956

3 Wing ITF c1956

2 Wing 2 Sqd ITF c1956

2 Wing 3 Sqd ITF c1956

3 Wing ITF room 2 c1956

3 Wing ITF room 3 c1956

1 Wing Blk 12 c1956

Events during our stay at Halton

83rd Engine Fitters c1958

3 Wing 3 Sqd c1959

Silver Pipes c1959

Rhodesian Apprentices c1957

Pipe Band at Airfield c1957

Cockpit Classroom on Airfields

Apprentice Poster c1958

Apprentice Advert c1957

1 Wing ITF Leaders c1958

Louis the Mascot

Form 252

1 Wing 2 Sqd c1957

Last March from Airfields 1

Last March from Airfields 2

83rd Engine Fitters on Summer Camp at RAF Woodvale, Nr. Southport c1958

This selection of photographs (and others below) is reproduced from an album collection made by George Harvey and passed on by his widow to Jim Waddington

83rd Graduation 1959

Graduation Programme

Graduation Menu Side 1

Graduation Menu Side 2

Graduation Parade 1

Graduation Parade 2

Graduation Parade 3

Prize Giving 1

Prize Giving 2

Prize Giving 3

Graduation Celebrations c1959

Athenium Night Out c1959

Graduation 'Bash'

Graduation 'Bash' 2

Post 'Finals' 2 Wing Group

83rd Members Gallery

The images in this selection of photographs have been kindly provided for the website by various members. The aim is to stimulate recollections among you of various exploits and events during and after your time at Halton. If you can put any missing names to the faces and / or provide any anecdotal information, please let me know - John Burt


Some recent memories of the Halton years

John Gardner's Surprise 50th Birthday Party in Bath - 1989

Images supplied by Tony Miles.

Tony Miles on 60 Squadron in Kuching c 1964

Images supplied by Tony Miles


Engine Fitters Final Test Job

Images supplied by John Burt