4th RAFHAAA Triennial - 1989

Images provided by Tony Miles

Unfortunately, I have no narrative for this Triennial to share with you . If you have a good memory and want to write a narrative and / or have some more good quality photos of the event tucked away and are happy to have them put onto this website, please get in touch.

Triennial Programme

Standing L to R: Johnny Walker, Dave Smith, John Gardner, Pat O'Shea, Mike Frost, Mal Woods, Arthur Wray, Tony Miles

Kneeling L to R: Bob Hutchinson, NK, Ivor John, NK

Ivor John and Tony Miles

83rd Entry gathering in the sun at Airfield!!

The Golden Oldies entertaining the crowd

Waiting for something to happen!!

BBMF Spitfire Flypast

33rd Entry 'Goodbye' Banner Flypast!!

The Golden Oldies with Johnny Walker in front row 2nd from left

The March-up to Henderson-Groves

March-up to Henderson-Groves viewed from the rear - a long way to go and uphill all the way!

Arriving at Henderson-Groves for the Sunset ceremony

Relaxing with the ladies in the evening at the Red Lion in Wendover

Around table clockwise: Mal Woods, Margaret John, Pam Miles, Anne Woods, Ivor John, Pat O'Shea, Arthur Wray, Irene Wray